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Evelin's Story

Before co-founding Home Green Home last year, Evelin worked with toxic products. Her boss didn’t let her use gloves, saying she could work better with bare hands. She worked 10 hours a day for $50. Heading home from her old job, Evelin struggled with cracking skin on her hands as well as daily headaches and dizziness. Today, Evelin’s family sees her return happy, almost as if she hasn’t been working. And best of all, she says, she no longer smells like bleach. Evelin has always been shy, but now she speaks up.




Her co-workers elected her to the board of directors where she helps guide the co-op’s growth to create more green jobs. Evelin says she’s not the only one who’s happy. Her sense of financial security extends to her mother in El Salvador. Evelin’s small monthly payments are now bigger checks that arrive twice a month. But the happiest of all may be her five-year-old daughter, who finally got the special boots she had been admiring.

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