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"Your house will shine and will never have looked cleaner.  These women are skilled at what they do and extremely professional... You are helping a start-up company and empowering hard working professionals to make a decent living"

Mark F.

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What Makes Us Different

High-Quality Cleaning

The worker-owners of Home Green Home are professionally trained and dedicated to making homes safe, clean, and healthy for all of our clients. Our workers receive over 150 hours of training, both in the office and working alongside our trainers in the field. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure our work meets your standards.

To see the cleaning techniques our workers have learned (and to pick up a few tricks for yourself) see our videos on YouTube.

Environmental Responsibility

Our Products   Most house cleaning companies use cleaning products which contain hazardous chemicals that threaten your family's health, the health of your housecleaner, and the health of our environment. For this reason, we only choose safe, non-toxic cleaning options. The products we use are made by Seventh Generation (a key partner of ours), Bon Ami,
Dr. Bronner and simple household cleaners, such as vinegar.

If you have ever doubted that green products can get your house sparkling clean, try us out! You will be amazed.

For more information about Seventh Generation Products, or for an overview of the risks associated with many common cleaning products, visit the Seventh Generation website,

Social Responsibility

We acknowledge the struggle that many immigrant women face in the United States. At Home Green Home, we pay our workers a Living Wage, rather than just a minimum wage, allowing them to adequately provide for themselves and their families. Furthermore, we believe everyone deserves access to healthy, dignified work, and to not be forced into underpaid jobs with hazardous conditions. This is Evelin, one of our worker-owners. Read Evelin's story and find out how working with Home Green Home has changed her life.




Additional information regarding our social responsibility can be found through the "Our Partners" tab, or on the website of our parent organization, Women's Action to Gain Economic Security (WAGES).